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Road racing and the life

It's the members who create the ACM. If the members had been someone else, we would have had a different ACM, - maybe for the better or maybe for the worse. But anyway, - today's ACM it's us! For most people, we are best known as a skilled organizer of road racing and track days, and during some hectic summer weeks the environment around ACM is known to be good, inclusive and generous. But what about the rest of the year?

For mange er miljøet i ACM en viktig del av deres livskvalitet

Our membership list is a bit complex. Many of the club's members are active riders who lives various places in Norway, and who benefit from the club's summer offer, practice days and club races. But most of the members lives locally and do not race themselves. They contribute to creating ACM's popular summer offer year after year, some of them for decades.

Why do they do that?

It is difficult to answer for everyone, but most probably do it because they enjoy the task and the environment. They are skilled, they are hardworking and can move mountains if needed. They stay outside in all kinds of weather, and they possess a patience that is rare. And on top of everything, - they are unbelievably valuable for Norwegian road racing.

And when it rains in the headwinds, there is a pandemic, our events end with a deficit and there is demanding finances, it is the honorable commitment and team spirit among the members that kicks in. It is impressive what is done to keep the ship afloat, and in particular the last three years.

Worth its weight in gold

Unlike most other sports, a senior road racing rider can be competitive for several decades. There are countless examples of athletes who in adulthood have left other physically demanding sports and reached a high national level in road racing. The combination of strength, endurance and body control are essential elements in road racing, but more is required, including courage, determination, and a good team.

We see the same in the organizing staff. There is a good age spread among the club's members. Just like in many other teams and associations, ACM also has seniors with knowledge and solid experience. At the other end, there are great youngsters who love to be so close to the motorsport, the teams and the riders. And in the middle of the club we have a colorful bouquet of families with young children, singles and those who find it liberating to be able to seek out an arena other than the everyday grey. But most of all, - at ACM there are those who do not feel at home in cross-country skiing, football or the other national sports.

Well-being and health

ACM alone cannot create well-being, it is the members who create it. But by being aware that each and every one of us is important for the well-being of others, we will in sum become the environment in which many thrive, for decades after decades.

ACM cannot create good mental health either, and this is not the club's aim. But ACM must be aware that each and every member, without exception, has a mental health that is not protected by a helmet and leather suit. At ACM, we must aim for each individual member and contributor to find a quality of life that protects mental health against the wear and tear that creates severe depression and anxiety and depression-like ailments.

Because it is not the case that a good quality of life is the opposite of mental illness. A good quality of life, friendship and well-being are instead the most important protective factor against mental illness occurring.

All year

Preventing and reducing loneliness contributes to better mental health and quality of life for all of us, regardless of age. Being aware of this helps create a club of even greater value.

When ACM now considers having a certain range of activities throughout the year, it is to strengthen the very backbone of the club and make it even better. We know that the better well-being we can create for each individual member, the better we are as an organiser, and we want the visitors who take part in our events to meet a crew who are having a good time.


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