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Arctic Circle Motorsport Club, Mo i Rana, marshalls

Some of ACM's track crews during the Arctic Championship 2020

ACM is an award-winning organizer, caused by the club member's enthusiasm and hard work. The world's northernmost road racing corps is worth its weight in gold!

A race is a myriad of tasks. Some require courses, long pratice and experience, but common to all tasks is that they are created by the joy of being involved. The most valuable knowledge is the one you get from those you work together with, but ACM holds courses and training for the tasks you are assigned: Basic courses, advanced courses and specialization.

Would you like to be a "circuit marshall" during an international race abroad? ACM is now launching a training program that will lead to international assignments. After completing our training and practice, we will travel out of the country to contribute and learn, and bring experience home.


Maybe this could be your World Cup ticket ..?

Are you wondering why members of the Team ACM contribute, year after year?

It is caused by the challenging, the fun and based on good friendship.

Please register as a member of the ACM team and you will be contacted by the club for any necessary training and any courses. The dates in the form are preliminary, and new activities may occur on other dates.

Let me be part of the ACM Team
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Thanks for your submission!

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