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If you register today, you won't have to pay for 2022 membership.
Next due is the '23 fee which is paid at the end of January

All photos: Gary Bailey. Editing: Yamo


Membership registration with ACM takes place via the Norwegian Sports Confederation's portal, Min Idrett .

The use is very simple, but you must first register as a user of the portal. Once you have received your username and password, you can use a service that ensures that the club's membership lists are always correct, and this saves our treasurer and board secretary a lot of work.

The annual membership (19 - 66) NOK 400.

Junior and supersenior: NOK 200.

If you got a Norwegian social security number you have to registrate via the NSF app.

(If you are not resident in Norway, please send us an email.)

Or go to the NSF/Norwegian Sports Confederation's website

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