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WIKIPEDIA: "Road racing is a form of  motorsport  racing  held on a paved  road surfaces . The races can be held either on a  closed circuit  or on a  street circuit  utilizing temporarily closed public  roads . Originally, road races were held almost entirely on public roads however, public safety concerns eventually led to most races being held on purpose built racing circuits. "

Road racing organized as a street race in Italian Riccione, 1969. - Photo: Ligabo  -  Italian Wikipedia

Road racing is the most beautiful of all kind of motorsport!

At least that is what we at ACM think, and the same is probably true of most people who are hooked on this great sport that is performed at high speed on paved courses. The rider shall not only handle the engine forces and the friction of the tires against the asphalt, equally important are the abilities for balance, physical strength and endurance, and not least the ability to handle the sum of all this with the same softness as a cat.

Roadracing is Mo i Rana's parade sport No1. No other Norwegian sports has had more Norwegian championships, Nordic championships or European Championships in Mo i Rana than just road racing. ACM is very proud that many of the country's best riders choose to ride with the ACM logo on their shirt.

Road racing under the auspices of ACM, 2019. Photo: Gary Bailey

The competitions in road racing are carried out with a joint start, and the participants stand one after the other in the order specified by the time qualifications. The driver with the fastest lap time is first in the starting field, also called pole position . The driver with the second fastest lap time is number 2, etc. The race goes over a certain number of laps and the first participant in the finish wins.

The Norwegian Motorsport Association's road racing committee administers the Norwegian regulations, and the branch is framed by Special Regulations for road racing and National Competition Regulations.

This Youtube is the first part of five about the history of motorcycling.

A highly recommended watch!!

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