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- Let us repeat this!

It was a very satisfied ACM leader who packed up the stand after the leisure fair on Thursday. The Arctic Circle Upper Secondary School has 1,200 students and Kenny Karstensen believes that at least half of the students stopped by the stand and asked questions. Now he is eager to meet more youngsters on behalf of the club.

ACM, Mo i Rana, roadracing, arctic
ACM's club leader Kenny Karstensen in conversation with one of the students. Anna Wahlberg and Renate Jensen were also at the club stand. Photo: BAJ

ACM's participation at the leisure fair was well attended and well-staffed. The ACM board does this consciously and with an annual meeting resolution behind it. Recruitment is a priority field, and the club wants to reach out to both potential athletes and others who want a rewarding leisure activity. According to Karstensen, you don't even have to be interested in motorsport.

- We have tasks in countless professional fields, and we have a good environment with room for many, says Kenny as a comment on the fair. He himself is a technical controller at ACM's events, and has a cohabitant who organizes much of the crew. Kenny points to track marshals, timing, ICT and sanitation as some of the exciting tasks for club members.

- What is your main impression after the exhibition?

- I realize that our activities are too little known among the youths, but they were curious and clever to ask about the most. Extra fun that so many of the girls got involved and wanted to test drive. ACM is lucky to have Renate Jensen as an able ambassador.

- What was asked the most?

- Getting to drive yourself. And there we need to get more information out. Almost none of the students knew that ACM has practice bikes for juniors, and that you can come and try them out if you like. I look forward to visiting more schools and arenas and being able to answer the questions the youngsters have.

Kenny Karstensen, ACM, Mo i Rana,  Arctic Circle Motorsport Club, road racing
The PVGS students had much to ask during the leisure exhibition. Photo ACM Media

The ACM board's Sissel Lande also staffed the stand, and she shares Kenny's ambitions to reach out to more young people with information about the club.

- How will ACM reach out?

- This is a great way to do it, and we aim to visit more upper secondary schools in other towns. And if time and energy allow, shopping centers are relevant. There we meet another group that is just as important to us, the adults.

- What do you mean?

- ACM is a great environment for adults to spend their free time. The friendship is unique, we have a good time and have a nice tone across both gender and age. We try to preserve this value to the best of our ability, so when we recruit youngsters, we also want even more adults.

The club's experienced driver Renate Jensen also took part at the stand. Renate's bicycle was a focal point, and many of the young people were very curious.

- What is your main impression after the exhibition?

- It must be that the knowledge of our activities is much less than I thought. We have a job to do!

- What were the young people interested in?

- A lot because they knew so little. The fact that they could come and drive at ACM's club evenings surprised many. And then they wondered what it cost, and whether they could ride their own bikes.

- What did they get in response?

- We told them that they could take a license course and drive as fast as they wanted, and many of the youths had no knowledge of that.

- And the girls?

- They also asked. I think we need to re-establish the girls' classes I met when I started racing. Then I think we can reach even more people, concludes Renate, who last year came third in the NM, across both sexes.

ACM would like to thank the following companies for assistance with exhibition equipment:

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