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Cheerful guys did a long trip for the arctic season finale

If you are an ACM member it doesn't matter if you live down south of Helgeland or at Sortland at the opposite end of the long county, there is only one way to reach the club's last practice, and it is long. The last club practice of the season took place on Saturday 3 September, and it involved frost on the windscreen, a cloudless sky, tasty barbecue and cheerful people.

André Jørgensen, Per-Ingvar Jakobsen, Arctic Circle Motorsport Club, ACM, Mo i Rana
André Jörgensen t.v. og Per-Ingvar Jakobsen made a long distance trip for this september practice. Photo: ACM Media

Driving the country road from Sortland south to ACM's club run is a 400 km trip, - one way, and from Sömna it is a stretch of nearly 300. André and Per-Ingvar were not the only long-distance travelers at club practice. The riders came from both Trondheim and Lofoten, and together with the local Mo i Rana riders, it was a pleasant end to the rainy season in fantastic autumn weather.

Both André and Per-Ingvar are experienced riders and know the track well from previous visits. André has many years behind him as an active road racing rider, while Per-Ingvar has countless of participations in driver development courses. Per-Ingvar's racing bike is a relatively recent purchase, but the 56-year-old has literally got a kickstart and the license course was completed this summer.

- Awesome! I wouldn't call it a disease, but at least I've been bitten by the bacillus, smiles the cheerful guy from up north.

- Driver development course over several seasons, - what has been the driving force?

- First and foremost, the joy of driving on this track, and knowing that you become a better rider with each passing year.

- Better rider, - how do you know?

- There is a big difference between before and after. You become safer in traffic situations, trust yourself more and does the right things. It's about safety. Far more people should have taken such courses, says the man who works with fire and security services on a daily basis.

- Then you, André? You really got some years off road racing.

- Yes, I took my license already in 2007, and I have mostly participated every year in some races. Most of all here in Mo i Rana, says the forty-year-old dressed in travel clothes after finishing his practice.

- Have there been any podiums?

- Sure, there have been some, especially here on this track, but I've never fully invested in a complete season. Last year was the first season I took part in all the races.

- Yes, and it went just fine...?

- Heh heh heh. Yes, then I won the Norwegian Cup.

- Now you both will have to drive for hours to get home, and everything indicates that we will see you back next summer. Where do you get the commitment from?

- It is without a doubt the positive environment in the club and among the riders. The way we interact and the helpfulness. It is so inclusive, and I really enjoy it, says Per-Ingvar.

- Yes, it's always nice to come. The course is also a gem, adds André.

The day began to end, and some of the long-distance travelers have already packed up their equipment. The day has gone well, just with few run offs. For one of the riders, however, there was a little too much bad luck, and there are hospital reports of a broken arm and a bruised ankle. But the safety equipment and rescue routines have worked as intended, so the organizer is still satisfied with the day. There is hardly a cloud in the sky, and an unmistakable smell of summer pervades the padock.

- Anna & Co have fired up the barbecue. Are you having a bite to eat?

- Oh yes. We have to, replies the Per-Ingvar.

- It will probably just be a small sausage on me, says Andre, who will try to reach home in a four hours drive and have some Saturday fun with the family.

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