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Björn Arne keeps the wheels turning

It is some years since he battled with the lap times on his 350 two stroke race bike, but Björn Arne Jensen still has a close relationship with the starting lists. As ACM's treasurer and head of the check-in-office, Björn Arne is a part of the events core.

Bjørn Arne Jensen, Geir Steinbakk, Kyrre Sandvik, Arctic Circle Motorsport Club
Björn Arne Jensen, race directoc Geir Steinbakk t.v. og rider Kyrre Sandvik. Photo: ACM Media

- There are challenging times in Europe. How is it at ACM?

- It goes around. We have to be carefully. There is no doubt that the club's costs have increased more than the income, he replies as he takes the check-in session during the NM, the Norwegian Championship..

It is Thursday and the official practice day for the NM. Most of the participants have arrived, but there are always some documents, licenses or payments that are not quite in place, and there Björn Arne has steel control.

- What does the club do to stay alive? What is the income?

- We are still feeling the aftermath of the pandemic and have far less income from the public than before. So the biggest item of income this year will probably be start fees.

- And the expenses?

- They are mostly linked to the events. Track rental, doctor and rescue team, food and accommodation for the volunteers, and since it is NM, there is also travel and accommodation for the association's representatives.

- Will there be a profit?

- No, this year will probably be a small deficit. There are fewer participants than normal, while costs in most areas have increased, he says and points out the window.

- The future prospects then? Three or four years of pandemic deficits must strain the club's coffers, right?

- We think long-term, and should probably be able to turn this around. We have already taken some measures to lower costs, including investing in our own ambulance. And then we probably have to work more with the public attractions, both us and everyone else in Norwegian road racing.

- What do you think is the right way to go?

- We have a lot to learn from other sports, and we have to use energy at national level to cultivate one or more who assert themselves in foreign races, someone that the major media care about.

- What about the local offer?

- We have a lot left to do. Club practice suffered a setback when rescue team costs skyrocketed a few years ago, and we have noticed that in recruitment. We have now spent close to half a million kroner on a ambulance and what will become a well-functioning rescue team, so I think the picture will begin to change already next year, says Bjørn Arne before turning his attention to a late-arriving participant.

- Hello, nice to see you again! What can I do for you...?

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