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ACM's vision is about moving ahead

Arctic Circle Motorsport Club is surrounded by transitions. That's ok, because in Mo i Rana we know to rund those major changes. ACM is award-winning, skilled, ambitious, and results-oriented, and we will contribute to change Mo i Rana. The sports club does not intend to wait until they happen.

ACM is ambitious and curious, and we look forward to the future with excitement. We welcome new and untested technology and look forward to the challenges and opportunities this can give us. We will build on what we have, and we will take in new thoughts and ideas from all those who from home and abroad settle in Mo i Rana and become our members.

ACM shall be a generous and inclusive club, and shall be characterized by volunteering, democracy, loyalty, and equality. ACM's operations must be based on basic values ​​such as the joy of sport, community, health, and honesty, and we promise to provide plenty of space for everyone.

Motorsport has always been synonymous with innovative technology, sometimes as an improvement of the existing, at other times by breaking new ground and letting go of the old.

In the industrial town of Mo i Rana, this is part of our culture. Since industrial boat building began in the district 150 years ago, the development of new technology has been a prerequisite for our business community to meet the next day. This is the basic attitude also at ACM.

ACM is ambitious and curious. We look forward to the future with excitement, and we welcome everyone who want to join as one of our many members.

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