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ACM's ambulance participated in rescue exercise

During the ongoing PLIVO exercise in Mo i Rana, which involves police, health and fire and rescue, the ACM ambulance has had an important role. In line with ACM's intentions, the club's investment has become a valuable contribution to regional preparedness.

ACM, Ambulance, Mo i Rana, PLIVO
The ambulance from ACM Rescue Team closest in picture. Photo: ACM Media

There were satisfied representatives from ACM who were present during parts of the exercise in Mo i Rana. For the club it was a pure pleasure to answer yes to the request for an extra ambulance from the health organization a few days ago.

Ongoing life-threatening violence (PLIVO in Norwegian) is a priority exercise area for the authorities, and there have been incidents in recent years that have revealed that joint exercises across agencies are necessary. Separate programs have now been developed for exercises of this type.

Three emergency response agencies are practicing a common procedure for how they should act and cooperate in incidents where life-threatening violence is perpetrated against several people. One of the instructors characterized it as follows in one of the evaluations:

- This is the toughest incidents we can be exposed to as professionals.

This year's PLIVO exercise is comprehensive and runs over three days, partly with joint theory teaching and practical exercises in the field. The crime scene today was the lower floor at the water park.

Mo i Rana, PLIVO, ACM
Some of the first responders who participated during the exercise. Photo: ACM Meda

We will return with interviews and commentary in a report next week.

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