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- ACM creates the safety I need to do my part of the security

The chief medical officer for the national championship, Malene Skaarup Laursen gives ACM a lot of credit for the event security. She was impressed by the routines and the marshals competence. Still, she had some ideas for improvements.

Chief medical officer Malene Skaarup Laursen. Photo: ACM Media

For three days, Laursen has been an event doctor during training, qualifying and races, and she leaves the arena with an ardent desire to return. In close collaboration with one medic and an ambulance crew of seven from Norwegian People's Aid, she has constituted the event's emergency first aid. The team has the hospital in Mo i Rana in the back.

National races in road racing follow specific requirements for rescue and first aid set by the international association, FIM. All over the world, the requirements are the same, and the doctor responsible for this years event has little to put her finger on.

- You are experienced, and you create a good sense of security and framework for the task I have to fulfill. It is my first event, and I look forward to being able to participate several times.

- The rest of the rescue team, how was it?

- Very good! The ambulance staff from Norwegian People's Aid were skilled, says Laursen.

- Do you see weak points that should be improved?

- I could wish for a booklet with a little more technical information before I got on the field, especially since it is my first time in the arena.

- You were placed in the safety car, and had to drive behind the first round in many of the finals. How was it?

- Crazy exciting! Fun and interesting.

- You are not unfamiliar with speed?

- No, I have ridden a motorcycle myself for many years, and know how fun it is.

- Hopefully, we will see you at the circuit next year.

- Yes please, concludes Malene Skaarup Laursen, and smiles broadly as she is promised to test a Porsche on the track after the end of today's race!

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