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All participants in ACM's event must declare themselves familiar with ACM's environmental regulations.


In the registration, the registered person must tick to have read and understood the regulations.


The regulations apply to the participant, the participants' team members, assistants, family members and others who are in the participant's entourage, and it is the registered person or their guardian who is responsible for their entourage.

If the regulations are violated, ACM reserves the right, together with arena owner, to carry out clean-up or necessary environmental measures, and to invoice the participant for these afterwards. Serious violations of ACM's environmental regulations will be reported to NMF.

An Arctic motorsport facility bordering a national park and a nature reserve. Photo: Øystein Bentzen

Fundamental to all events organized by ACM are the Norwegian Motorsport Association's environmental guidelines .  


FIMs Environmental Code has been a great inspiration in the design of ACM's environmental requirements.


The environmental manager during the event is the race director, practice manager or course leader. The person responsible may be criminally liable for serious violations of the Norwegian Pollution Control Act.


Authority to ensure that the requirements are complied with and to implement measures can be delegated to others, normally to the technical inspector. The technical inspector will pay particular attention to current noise requirements, as well as the handling of residual waste and environmentally hazardous waste, including discarded tires.

Violation of ACMs regulations may result in denial of participation.


The following applies to all races, practice sessions and courses under the auspices of ACM:

In accordance with the Norwegian Pollution Control Act, any action involving the discharge of pollution of any kind is prohibited. Within the provisions of the same Act, ACM and NMF is authorized to grant the participants some exceptions. This our criteria:


The noise reduction during ACM's events are similar as other arenas in Norway.

Reference is made to NMF's special regulations for road racing

Section 96.2.7 Noise regulations and noise test

Maximum noise limit: 93 dB / A at 8,000-9,000 rpm. (4-stroke at 5,000 - 6,000 rpm) for a minimum of 2 seconds with the rear wheel in free operation and mounted drive chain.
For Mini GP, the gear position must be N (free), (neutral position).

Noise measurements will take place in accordance with the special regulations.
ACM has no exemptions from the Pollution Control Act, and breaches of the special regulations will entail a refusal to start with ACM. Consideration for the neighbors will be taken into account.

Discarded tires

Participants must bring discarded tires to the place where the tires were purchased. If tires are sold during the event, a return agreement can be entered into with the respective seller.

Without such an agreement it is not allowed to leave discarded tires at the arena.

Environmentally hazardous waste

Waste oil, coolant, brake fluid and other chemicals must be deposited in the arena's environmental container. Follow the instructions posted in the container.

Other residual waste

Used or discarded parts must not be thrown in the waste containers, only conventional residual waste from camping and accommodation. Discarded parts must be taken by the participant when leaving the arena.

Deposit bottles and aluminum boxes

ACM has its own containers for collecting bottles and boxes. The income from the collection goes to the club's children and youth initiative, and all participants are encouraged not to throw those in the waste containers.

Septic from motorhomes and caravans

The septic tank must be emptied at the designated place in the paddock.

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