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The evening before

The event manager, or race director for the national road racing rounds in Mo i Rana, Geir Steinbakk strolls calmly around the paddock and claims to have most things under control. With an experienced crew behind him, the long-standing event manager can spend the time checking that people are doing well, and greeting the most recently arrived teams.

Geir Steinbakk, Arctic Circle Motorsport Club, Mo i Rana
ACM's event manager Geir Steinbakk. Photo: ACM Media

Geir Steinbakk nevertheless admits that it has been a busy day. He has been living in his caravan at the arena since before the weekend, a tradition he has had for many years. Several Norwegian riders have used the last days for practice. The official practice before the National Championships begins on Thursday morning.

- Are you on track?

- Yes, I don't feel any anxiety. It's usually small trifles that get in the way, but they get sorted out.

- How is the participation?

- It is surprisingly good compared to what organizers in many other sports struggle with, but it is not the largest NM event we have had under ACM auspices. There is probably a lot that comes into play.

But Steinbakk says that there are some clouds on the horizon, and that is volunteering. He believes that something has happened during the pandemic, and it has become more demanding to get enough crews.

- It's going well, but we must check with more people than we did before. It seems that people have different priorities, and ACM has a challenge that other local organizers do not have.

- What is that?

- At other events locally, the volunteers can go home after the end of the session, but with us we try to let the crews live at the arena and let them be part of the social framework. It will be much nicer for everyone, but we lack good accommodation.

- How is it solved today?

- We have to go out and hire caravans and motorhomes for the volunteers, and that costs us both work and money. There we must find a better solution.

- How are things going in terms of sports?

- Very good! Several of the riders have been below the official track records during practice, so if the weather holds, I think they will break.

- How is the weather forecast?

- I say as I have always said, it will be as it will be, concludes the man in blue before he heads up to his tower and checks the day's e-mails. He admits that he has not had time for such tasks so far today.


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